Main Set Wednesday - IM

May 22, 2013
Main Set Wednesday - IM

IM set today, but with some freestyle relief.  Each segment carried with it some type of technique focus for the stroke work, so we didn’t worry too much about sendoffs.  Took time between swims to give stroke correction or even do some video review.

MAIN SET:  1650 yards or meters
Three rounds of the following.
3 X 100
#1:  75 free + 25 stroke
#2:  50 free + 50 stroke
#3:  25 free + 75 stroke

Round 1:  Stroke is butterfly; focus is get the face in the water before the hands enter
Round 2:  Stroke is backstroke; focus is hand entry at “10 and 2”
Round 3:  Stroke is breaststroke; focus is get into “breaststroke streamline” on every stroke

50 easy recovery

Two rounds of the following:
1 X 300
1 X 50 active recovery

Swim the 300s as follows:
25 Fly-25 Free-25Fly…25 Back-25 Free-25 Back…25 Breast-25 Free-25 Breast…75 Free

Try to descend time on the second 300.

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