Main Set Wednesday - Inspired by Roque

Apr 24, 2013
Main Set Wednesday - Inspired by Roque

Here’s a mini set inspired by yesterday’s drill of the week featuring Olympian Roque Santos.

Start by watching Roque’s drill a few times.

MINI SET:  1000
10 X (75 + 25 active recovery)

The 75s are swum as:
25 breaststroke with 2 extra kicks under water  (This is Roque’s 3 Down / 1 Up drill.)
25 breaststroke with 1 extra kick under water (This is Roque’s 2 Down/ 1 Up drill.)
25 breaststroke
The only length that starts with an underwater pullout is the final length of breaststroke; start with the drill on the first two lengths.
As soon as you finish the 75 and get your time, push off and do 25 active recovery.  When you finish the active recovery, take only about 10 seconds extra rest before starting the next 75.   Try to keep these “100s” on a sendoff/turnaround.  E.g., if you swim the 75s in 1:15, your sendoff for the entire 100 should be about 2:15.

Goals:  Minimize resistance by getting into streamline after each stroke and kick.   This is especially difficult (and important) to do on the breaststroke length of each 75.  Try to descend throughout the set, even if just by a second or two.

This is a great set for using a FINIS Tempo Trainer.  It will encourage you to maintain the integrity of every stroke and kick.

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