Main Set Wednesday -- Kick!

Feb 19, 2014
Main Set Wednesday -- Kick!

Taking a standard set of broken 100s today, and changing things around by making them 50% kick and 50% swim.

MAIN SET:  1700
This set works well if you can keep everyone on the same sendoff.

6 X 100 on 3:00 sendoff/turnaround.  Hint:  If you leave “on the :40,” you will have your subtracted time on each 100 without having to do any math.  This may seem like a lot of rest, but the extra rest should lead to faster swimming and kicking 🙂
The 100s are broken as follows:
Swim a 25 and rest exactly 10 seconds…
Kick a 50 of choice and rest exactly 10 seconds…
Swim a 25.   Note your time.
Goal:  Hold your time steady on 1-3; descend time on 4-6.

100 easy recovery

4 X 50 kick STRONG EFFORT on 1:00 sendoff (or whatever gives the group 10-15 seconds rest)
4 X 25 kick MAXIMUM EFFORT on your 50 sendoff minus 15 seconds

100 easy recovery

6 X 100 broken as before, but this time you kick the first and last 25, and swim the 50.
Goal:  Hold your time steady on 1-3; descend time on 4-6

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