Main Set Wednesday - Kwanzaa Sets

Dec 26, 2012
Main Set Wednesday - Kwanzaa Sets

Last week, Barbara's team celebrated the Mayan apocalypse by having each swimmer bring in his or her favorite 200-yard set -- the set they would most like to do on their last day on the planet.  If two swimmers joined forces, they could submit a 400-yard set.   They swam the sets in random order and had a great time, despite the fact that oxygen deprivation was a common theme. Nobody wanted to get out of the pool at the end of the workout.  They wanted more.

So, with today being the first day of Kwanzaa, a holiday whose core principles are unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith, it seems like a no brainer to offer some of the favorite sets created last week by Barbara and her swimmers.  Enjoy, and happy Kwanzaa to all!  It's a wonderful thing when different cultures intersect at the pool to create joy and peace.

Set #1:  Mayan Pryamid
8 X 25; no sendoff; swim three at a time in one lane
Odd 25s:  Three swimmers push off together and synchronise their strokes
Even 25s:  Three swimmers swim in a drafting "pryamid."

Set #2:  
2 X 100 IM; hop out and dive in on every 25

Set #3:
2 X 100 IM on 2:15; Do a Tennessee Turn on the breaststroke/freestyle transition

Set #4: Lungbuster
8 X 25 freestyle on :35 (fins optional)
1st 25:  You get max of 3 breaths
2nd 25:  Max of 2 breaths
3rd 25:  Max of 1 breath
4th 25:  No breaths
5th 25:  Max of 3 breaths
Etc. down to 0 breaths on #8.  (OK to take some extra rest before the final 25.)

Set #5:  400 yards
16 X 25 choice as follows:
2 X 25 on :40
2 X 25 on :35
2 X 25 on :30
2 X 25 on :25
2 X 25 on :40
2 X 25 on :35
2 X 25 on :30
2 X 25 on :25

Set #6:  
2 X 100 as follows (fins optional)
Start by pushing off on your back and sculling for 5 yards.  Execute a synchonized swimming move of bringing one knee to the chest, extending that leg into the air, sinking below the surface, and sculling your way back up to the surface.  Finish the first 25 with backstroke, then swim 75 freestyle.  Repeat for the second 100.

Set #7:  
8 X 25 on :40
Start each 25 with a double underwater breaststroke pullout.  Breakout into 2 strokes breaststroke, then finish the length with freestyle.

Set #8:
8 X 25 freestyle on :30 (fins optional)
Odd 25s:  No breathing on the first six strokes
Even 25s:  No breathing from the flags into the finish

Set #9:
4 X 50: start each 50 from a dive (AKA up and outs)
#1:  1:15 sendoff/turnaround
#2:  1:30
#3:  1:45
#4:   XX

Set #10: 
8 X 25 on :35 (fins optional)
Odd 25s:  3 strokes fly...finish with freestyle.  Add 1 fly stroke on each subsequent odd 25.
Even 25s:  Dolphin kick on your back while raising and lowering your arms in the air

Set #11:
2 X 100 swum as:
25 kick + 25 drill + 50 swim...hop out and do 10 pushups

Set #12:  
1 X 200 IM (fins optional)

Set #13:
4 X 50 mid-pool 50s with a Tennessee Turn at each turn

Set #14:
2 X broken 100s on roughly 3:00 sendoff
Break for exactly 10 seconds at the 25 and at the 75. 

Set #15:
50 free, starting each length with 4-5 underwater dolphins (return to Mother Ocean)
1 X 100 IM, focus on transition turns
50 breast, count strokes on 1st 25; drop 1 stroke on the return (glide into the next dimension)


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