Main Set Wednesday - Learn to Flip and SCM in SCY

May 23, 2012
Main Set Wednesday -  Learn to Flip and SCM in SCY

Long-course season starts in one week!   If you have LCM meets coming up, but train in a SCY pool, this practice can help you adjust to the extra distance.  

This practice calls for many flip turns.  If you're just learning to flip (like the two Masters swimmers in the photo), grab a couple of empty maple-syrup jugs (make sure it's VERMONT maple syrup!), and check out the following learning sequences at

WARMUP:  400

Swim 200 freestyle and/or backstroke at moderate pace, but do a flip turn at mid pool on every length (in addition to your flips at the wall).  Try to snap out of each flip in the way that Kara Lynn Joyce demonstrates in this drill.  This drill is great for developing the timing needed to drive off the wall the moment your feet hit the wall.  

SWIM SET:  1250/1000
10 X 125 on 1:40 to 2:10 sendoff (whatever gives you 20-25 seconds rest). Each 125 is swum as 100 free + 25 stroke.  

NOTE:  If a 2:10 sendoff doesn't give you enough rest, do 8 X 125 instead of 10 X 125 and use an appropriate sendoff.

KICK SET:   250
2 X 50 kick on a sendoff that gives 15-20 seconds rest
6 X 25 kick on :35 sendoff; every 3rd 25 is FAST.  Blast it!

6 X 60 freestyle on 60-second sendoff.   Swim a 50, but do a flip turn and streamlined pushoff at the end, then make it back to the starting wall in time for the next 60.   Wear fins if necessary to make the sendoff.

Swim 50 easy recovery after the 60s set.   Then try a goofy time trial, racing against other swimmers.  This morning, the most popular race was a 50 IM.  Others did 50 free with flips at mid pool.  

WARMDOWN:  200 easy

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