Main Set Wednesday - Pumped-Up Kicks

Sep 19, 2012
Main Set Wednesday - Pumped-Up Kicks

We did some pumped-up kick sets this morning, using equipment and body weight to intensify the effort and keep it fun.

Pumped-Up Kick Set #1:  200
Use fins on this one unless you have a powerful dolphin kick!
8 X 25 on :35 sendoff/turnaround
Odd 25s:  Dolphin kick with arms at your sides
Even 25s:  Dolphin kick on your back while holding your arms up in the air

Pumped-Up Kick Set #2:  200
4 X 50 with a partner
Odd 50s:  Kick solo on your back while holding a medball out of the water.   Use flutter, dolphin, breast, or eggbeater kick.

Even 50s:  You and your partner are on opposite sides of the lane line.  Kick a 50 while passing the medball back and forth over the laneline.

Pumped-Up Kick Set #3:  200
You will need a swim tether attached to starting block.
Put on the tether.  Push off in streamline (or with a kickboard) and remain in streamline as you try to kick to the end of the pool.  When the tether goes taut, KEEP KICKING and keep breathing.  Keep going until you reach the end or reach fatigue.  Float back to your starting point, recover, and repeat.  Do this a total of 4 times.  

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