Main Set Wednesday - Short Set Each Stroke

Jul 3, 2013
Main Set Wednesday - Short Set Each Stroke

This one looks benign on paper, but if you are true to the descends, it becomes a tough set.

WARMUP:  400 on your own

4 X 25 with fins on generous sendoff/turnaround
Odd 25:  2Left/2Right butterfly
Even 25s:  Any drill that combines fly and breast

3 X 100 backstroke on a sendoff that gives 20-25 seconds rest; descend time 1-3.
2 X 50 backstroke; descend time on the second 50
Focus on getting your descend by increasing the cadence of your arms on each 100.  This is a good time to use the Tempo Trainer, setting it at a faster cadence on each 100.

Twice through the following.  NO FINS!
1 X 75 (25 breast + 25 free + 25 breast)
1 X 75 (25 free + 25 breast + 25 free)
Your times should be faster on the second round than on the first round.
Focus on getting your head back into breaststroke streamline before you deliver the kick.

50 easy recovery

FREESTYLE SET:  1000 + 50
5 X 100
50 easy recovery
5 X 100

On the first round, wear no equipment or minimal equipment.  For the first 4 X 100, pick a sendoff that gives 20-25 seconds rest and try to descend time 1-4.  Take 1 minute extra rest before the 5th 100 and this one is FAST!

On the second round, add some equipment (e.g., paddles and fins).  Repeat the sequence of 4 X 100, descending your time.  Take 1 minute extra rest, then swim very fast on the final 100.

Choose a focus point!   Ours was to achieve equal rotation with the hips…and to ROTATE the hips rather than SWING the hips side to side.


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