Main Set Wednesday - Speed & Strength

Jun 13, 2012
Main Set Wednesday - Speed & Strength

Following this week's theme of finding one practice that works for all levels....

On Wednesday mornings, Barbara's swim time coincides with that of someone named RB, a water-polo player and swimmer.  They're not at all matched in terms of swimming speed (RB is way faster than BH), but they take turns coming up with a speed/strength set that they can do together, trying to use whatever equipment they happen to have in their mesh bags or that they can find on deck.   Here's what they did today.   

1 tether
1 FINIS parachute
1 exercise mat
1 physio ball
2 sets of 10-pound dumb-bells
1 4-pound med ball
1 stretch cord secured around the base of a starting block
1 drag suit with many pockets (RB's)

The Set:  600
Do this set only after a nice long warmup of 1000-1500.

4 X 50 ALL OUT, using either the tether or parachute (plus drag suit for RB)
While one person is swimming a 50 ALL OUT, the other person is doing a quick dryland routine, e.g.:
20 squats while holding 20 pounds of dumb-bells
20 crunches on the mat
1 minute of plank + 10 pushups on the mat
2 minutes of core work with the physio ball or med ball
1 minute of stretch cord + 10 "flys" with the dumb-bells + 10 pushups
Use your imagination and whatever dryland equipment is readily available.  Do a different dryland routine each time.

Try to make as quick a transition as possible from the swimming to the dryland and vice versa.

After the 4 X 50, do 200 easy recovery, then the following:

4 X 50 ALL OUT, broken for 15 to 30 seconds at the 25.
RB did all of these on the tether, swimming 25 all-out resisted, then 25 all-out assisted.
Barbara did all of them as 25 sprint from the blocks + 20 seconds rest + 25 all out from a turn.

Before each of the broken 50s, do approximately 2 minutes of dryland and then start the 50 as quickly as possible.   Don't worry about the clock...just GO FAST!

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