Main Set Wednesday - Tempo Trainer Free Back Breast

Jun 12, 2013
Main Set Wednesday - Tempo Trainer Free Back Breast

This set starts out feeling smooth and easy, and ends with some intense cadences, especially for backstroke and breaststroke.   It works best if you have two Tempo Trainers, but one is fine if you can keep track of where you are.

Six rounds of the following:
4 X 25 freestyle on a sendoff/turnaround that gives approx. 10 seconds rest (we used :35 SCM)
1 X 100, alternating 25 freestyle and 25 backstroke on approx. 15-30 seconds rest
2 X 50 breaststroke with an extra kick on a sendoff/turnaround that gives 15-20 seconds rest (we used 1:10 SCM)
Take 15 to 30 seconds extra rest between rounds.

The idea is that you use one of the Tempo Trainers for free/back and the other Tempo Trainer for breaststroke.  On each round, you increase the cadence of each Tempo Trainer by :05.  On the final round, you should feel as if you’ve maxed out on your backstroke cadence and breaststroke cadence.   Below is an example of what the settings might look like.  They will be different for each swimmer.

Round 1:  TTs @ 1:30 (free and back)  and 1:80 (breast)
Round 2:  TTs @ 1:25 and 1:75
Round 3:  TTs @ 1:20 and 1:70
Round 4:  TTs @ 1:15 and 1:65
Round 5:  TTS @ 1:10 and 1:60
Round 6:  TTS @ 1:05 and 1:55

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