Saturday Practice 6-Beat Kick Main Set for FR&BK...Quick Kick for BR

Sep 29, 2007
Saturday Practice  6-Beat Kick Main Set for FR&BK...Quick Kick for BR

WARMUP: 400WARMUP/BREAST & FLY SET: 400 + 200With fins.8 X 50 on sendoff that gives 15 to 20 seconds rest#1: Pulse breast, breathe every 4 pulses#2: Fly/Breast Combo (1 stroke fly/1 stroke breast)#3: Pulse breast, breathe every 3 pulses#4: Fly/Breast Combo#5: Pulse breast, breathe every 2 pulses#6: Fly/Breast Combo#7: Pulse breast, breathe every pulse#8: Fly/Breast Combo200 EZ kick to warm up your legsMAIN SET: 2150Each segment of is choice. Use a Tempo Trainer. If you swim the same stroke the whole way through, increase the rate of the TT by .1 on each segment. If you are swimming free or back, use a 6-beat kick and keep to the BEEP during the swimming AND the kicking, i.e., you should take 3 kicks to every BEEP. If you switch strokes on various segments, choose a fairly comfortable cadence on the 100s and a more strenuous cadence on the 75s and 50s. If these sendoffs are too fast, choose a sendoff that on the SWIMS gives you approximately 25 seconds rest on the 100s, 20 seconds rest on the 75s, and 15 seconds rest on the 50s.9 X 100 swum as three times through:2 X 100 kick on 2:00 sendoff1 X 100 swim on 2:00 sendoff200 EZ freestyle pull recovery8 X 75 swum as twice through:2 X 75 kick on 1:30 sendoff2 X 75 swim on 1:30 sendoff200 EZ freestyle pull recovery9 X 50 swum as three times through:2 X 50 kick on 1:001 X 50 swim on 1:00WARMDOWN: 200

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