Set of the Week - April 13, 2007

Apr 13, 2007
Set of the Week - April 13, 2007

Our Set of the Week will help you work on your speed and pacing for the 200 free.

Swim 5 to 7 rounds of the following:

1 X 200 free
4 X 25 free

Count your strokes per length on the first 200, and take your average as "N." Swim each of the 25s at N minus 2 strokes. E.g., if your N is 16 strokes per length, swim the 25s in 14 strokes per length.

Get your time on the 200, take about 5 easy bobs (easy breaths, exhaling under water), then push off on your first 25. Do 5 bobs between each of the 25s.

Use the 25s as an active recovery between the 200s, and use them to reclaim good technique and a long stroke.

Make sure you get your time on each of the 200s, and make each one faster than the last.

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