Set of the Week - August 3, 2007

Aug 3, 2007
Set of the Week - August 3, 2007

OK. We admit it. GoSwim is partial to breaststroke. One reason we love the stroke is that it has so many cool drills. Here's a set that allows you to throw in as many of those drills as you want... while at the same time you're training for the 200 breast.

The set is really very simple. It's a 200, swum as:
25 drill
25 breaststroke kick on your back
25 same drill as before
25 breaststroke kick on your back
25 breaststroke
25 breaststroke kick on your back
50 breaststroke

It's up to you to select the drills, the number of repeats, the sendoff, the focus, and the intensity.
You can do the same drill on each 200, or you can do a different drill each time. But whatever drill you choose, make sure to pick a focus point for the drill, and then incorporate that focus point into the whole-stroke swimming at the end of the interval.

The way the 200 is designed, you focus on the drill for 25 yards/meters, then you get a slight mental and physical break when you kick on your back. Then you get another shot at the drill... another short break... then you get a chance to incorporate the drill's focus point into your swimming. After another short kick break, you get a LONGER opportunity to incorporate the drill into your swimming. The kicking gives you just enough recovery so that when you return to the drill or to the swim, you are ready to really FOCUS.

If you need some good drill ideas, pick up a copy of Go Swim Breaststroke with Brendan Hansen and a copy of Go Swim Breaststroke Drills with Dave Denniston and Staciana Stitts. They'll provide plenty of ideas and inspiration to fuel your breaststroke dreams.

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