Set of the Week - May 25, 2007

May 25, 2007
Set of the Week - May 25, 2007

If you've been cranking out yardage without much focus on technique, this set will bring you back on track -- without drills.

This 1000-yard set looks pretty easy on paper because the swims are short, but if you do it as indicated, you have to focus intently on many fine points: getting a solid pushoff, holding streamline, maintaining balanced body position, extending the arm on each stroke, getting the most out of each stroke.

Try this first as a freestyle set. You can do it in any stroke, but fly and breast will be a bit tougher. Rest interval is roughly 10 seconds on the 25s, 15-20 seconds on the 50s, and 20 -25 seconds on the 75s.

4 X 25 at a fairly quick pace (75 to 85% effort). Count strokes per length and take your average as your "N" (Normal).

4 X (3 X 25)
#1: N -2 (Normal stroke count minus 2 strokes)
#2: N-1
#3: N

2 X (3 X 50)
#1: Each length is N-2
#2: Each length is N-1
#3: Each length is N

4 X 75
Each 75 is swum as 25 @ N-2 + 25 @ N-1 + 25 @ N

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