Swimming Set of the Week - April 6, 2012

Apr 6, 2012
Swimming Set of the Week - April 6, 2012

Having some fun with "strength-building toys" this week!

This set works great if your team has a few "strength-building toys" (for example, tethers, medballs, parachutes, and monofins), but perhaps not enough of each toy for every swimmer.  With this workout, swimmers take turns sharing the available toys whenever they get to the toy segments of the workout.   For some really cool swim toys, check out the tethers, parachutes, and monofins made by our friends at finisinc.com.   

WARMUP:  400 choice

8 X 25 on :30; 25 drill/25 stroke in IM order

MAIN SET:  1800/2400
Swim three or four rounds of the following.  Stay with the same swim stroke for an entire round.  Equipment is optional.

2 X 200 on approximately 30 seconds rest; descend time 1-2.  Swim these 200s as:
25 drill
25 kick on your back
25 drill
25 kick on your back
25 swim
25 kick on your back
50 swim

50 easy recovery
2 X 50 with a tether...or 2 X 50 with a parachute...or 2 X 50 with a monofin...or 2 X 50 kicking with a medball...
50 easy recovery before you start a new round


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