Swimming Set of the Week - April 9, 2010

Apr 9, 2010
Swimming Set of the Week - April 9, 2010

Middle-distance workout this week. 

Three times through:
1 X 200 pull
1 X 200 no equipment
1 X 200 with fins

Choose a sendoff that gives 40-45 seconds rest.  The sendoff for the 200 with fins might be 15 seconds faster than the other sendoffs.  Your goal is to descend time on each "track" e.g., descend the 200s pull... descend the 200s w/o equipment... descend the 200s with fins.

1.  If you don't want to swim all of these as freestyle, you can choose another stroke or IM but you must swim them a different way on each track, e.g., do whole-stroke breaststroke with a pull buoy, then breaststroke with no equipment, then pulse breaststroke/body-dolphin breaststroke with fins.  
2.  Do a different stroke on each track, e.g., pull freestyle, swim IM with no equipment, swim backstroke with fins.
3.  Do the set as 9 X 300 instead of 9 X 200.  

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