Swimming Set of the Week - August 17, 2012

Aug 17, 2012
Swimming Set of the Week - August 17, 2012

Our set of the week is a pyramid that keeps everyone on the same sendoff, but allows for choice of distance, stroke, and equipment.

Throughout the set, go as far as you want on each swim, but you have to make the sendoff.  You can swim any stroke or combination of strokes...or you can kick or pull or drill.  You can use any equipment at any time.  Just make the sendoffs.  Take an extra 20s econds rest after each set of 4 swims.  For an added challenge, try to swim the same distances/strokes on the way down the pyramid as you did on the way up.  
NOTE:  The set takes approximately 90 minutes.

4 swims on 1:05
4 swims on 1:15
4 swims on 1:25
4 swims on 1:35
4 swims on 1:45
4 swims on 1:55
4 swims on 2:05
4 swims on 2:00
4 swims on 1:50
4 swims on 1:40
4 swims on 1:30
4 swims on 1:20
4 swims on 1:10
4 swims on 1:00

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