Swimming Set of the Week - August 27, 2010

Aug 27, 2010
Swimming Set of the Week - August 27, 2010

 This week's set is in response to a forum question:  What can I do in the pool when I have a sore shoulder?

The answer is, you can do a lot, but you have to use your imagination.

WARMUP:  700
500 with fins; mix of dolphin, flutter, single-arm free, single-arm back (use only the good shoulder)
200 breast kick in various positions, e.g., under water, arms up, arms down, stomach, back

MAIN SET:  2050
5 X 250 Major/Minor on a sendoff that gives 20-25 seconds rest
Major = Breaststroke kick on your stomach with thumbs locked
Minor = Eggbeater Kick
Descend time 1 to 5.
Note:  In a major/minor set, you swim primarily the "major" item, but there is a certain distance of a "minor" item that moves through the set.  For example, in this set the first 250 is 50 eggbeater + 200 breast kick.  The second 250 is 50 breast kick + 50 eggbeater + 150 breast kick.  The third 250 is 100 breast kick + 50 eggbeater + 100 breast kick.  Etc.

100 easy recovery

5 X 125 with fins, Major/Minor on a sendoff that gives approximately 15 seconds rest
Major = Head-Up Dolphin Kick
Minor = Head-Lead Flutter kick on your back
Descend time 1 to 5.

75 recovery

200 IM kick with pull buoy
50 easy breaststroke with a very small pull

Total:  3000 yards/meters

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