Swimming Set of the Week - August 3, 2012

Aug 3, 2012
Swimming Set of the Week - August 3, 2012

A pace set this week...but also a speed set if you do it with heart.  Plus an end-of-practice Olympic moment with an aquatic version of Shooting.

MAIN SET:  1800
Swim at least 3 rounds of the following.  Even rounds are freestyle (equipment is optional).  Odd rounds are stroke or a combination of stroke/free.  Take an extra 60 seconds rest between rounds.   It's easy to swim through this set and not get much out of it.  But if you pay attention to the negative splitting and descending, you will get a great pace and speed workout.

1 X 200 on a sendoff/turnaround that gives approximately 30 seconds rest.  Negative split the 200 (second 100 is faster than first 100.)

2 X 100 on a sendoff that gives approximately 20 seconds rest.  Second 100 is faster than first 100.

4 X 50 on a sendoff that gives 15 to 20 seconds rest.  Descend 1-4.


Place a small rubber duck (or similar object) on a kickboard and position the kickboard about 5 meters from the wall.   Swimmer starts in the water at the wall and has a water pistol.  Object is to shoot streams of water at the kickboard and move the kickboard and duck to the opposite end of the pool.   Duck and kickboard must reach the opposite wall at the same time.  While shooting, the swimmer must remain 3 to 5 yards/meters away from the kickboard.   If you inadvertently knock the duck off the kickboard, you have to retrieve the duck and put it back on the kickboard, then resume shooting.  The clock stops when duck and kickboard touch the opposite wall.

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