Swimming Set of the Week - August 31, 2012

Sep 4, 2012
Swimming Set of the Week - August 31, 2012

 Has your pool been closed for renovation?  This week's set is a good way to get everyone back in the groove after a week or two of no swimming.

8 X 25 
#1-4:  Pushoff in tight streamline and do NOTHING except hold that tight streamline until you pop to the surface.  Glide a few yards, then swim freestyle the rest of the length.
#4-5:  Add some flutter kick to the tight streamline.
#7 & 8:  Tight streamline, flutter kick, and time the first pull so that your head and shoulders break through the surface just as you complete the first pull.

MAIN SET:  1800
Three rounds of the following.  Rounds 1 & 2 no equipment.  Round 3 with fins.

4 X 25 Free; focus on streamlined pushoff and a low and forward-moving breakout.  Keep one goggle in the water as you swim.

3 X 50 (25 Breast + 25 Free); focus on getting into breaststroke streamline on each stroke...streamline off the turn...one goggle in the water on freestyle

2 X 75 (25 Back + 25 Breast + 25 Free); same focus points as before for Breast and Free.  On Backstroke, start with at least 2 underwater dolphins.

1 X 100 (25 Back + 25 Free + 25 Back + 25 Free); same focus points as previously

1 X 100 Free; streamlined pushoffs and keep one goggle in the water

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