Swimming Set of the Week - August 9, 2013

Aug 9, 2013
Swimming Set of the Week - August 9, 2013

Working underwater dolphins in our set of the week.

MAIN SET:  1800
Working underwater dolphins today.
Fins are optional on everything but the breaststroke swims.
On EVERY length that you swim (except for breaststroke lengths), start with at least 3 underwater dolphin kicks.

Things to think about:
1.  Keep arms in streamline during the underwater kicks.
2.  Make the kicks small and quick.
3. Make a smooth transition between the dolphin kicks and the flutter kicks that will take you into your breakout.

For inspiration, check out:
Margaret Hoelzer

Kaitlin Sandeno

Aaron Peirsol

Nose Plugs

1 X 400, alternating 25 dolphin kick on your back/ 25 freestyle.  Every length starts with 3+ UW dolphin kicks.

2 X 200, alternating 25 backstroke/ 25 freestyle.  Remember to start each length with 3+ dolphin kicks.

3 X 100, alternating 25 of 1 Left/ 1 Right/ 2 whole strokes butterfly and 25 backstroke.  Start each length with 3+ UW dolphin kicks.

4 X 75 Twice through: Fly/Back/Breast…Back/Breast/Free.  Start each length with 3+ UW dolphins.

5 X 50 breaststroke.  Extra credit:  Do a double pullout when you start each 50, then do a normal pullout after the turn.

6 X 25 choice of butterfly, backstroke, or freestyle.  Start each length with 3+ UW dolphins.

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