Swimming Set of the Week - December 23, 2008

Dec 23, 2008
Swimming Set of the Week - December 23, 2008

Here's a 2025-yard holiday set that takes about 60 minutes and allows all the swimmers to participate together, no matter what their speed.   If you have more time, just increase distances on the 9 X 50 or 6 X 75.  Have fun and Happy Holidays, everyone!   The set can be sung to the old familiar tune....  

The 12 Sets of Christmas

Twelve 25s drilling (swimmers take turns choosing the drill)
Eleven lengths no stopping
Ten strokes of Freestyle (take only 10 strokes for 25 yards)
Nine flipper 50s (these are Freestyle with fins on SHORT rest -- :10)
Eight breaths for 50  (Freestyle, space out your breaths)
Seven strokes of Breaststroke (25 yards in 7 strokes... and 7 strokes for 25 Butterfly coming back)
Six 75s IM (FL/BK/BR... BK/BR/FR twice through)  (Slower lanes do 6 X 25 FL/BK/BR...BK/BR/FR)
Five lengths of kicking (choice, end at the deep end of the pool)
Four minutes med ball (vertical kicking while passing a med ball... or holding hands in the air)
Three build-speed 50s (start in the deep end)
Two quick sprints best stroke (25s from the blocks... get out and walk back after the first one)
... and a 100 to cool yourself down

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