Swimming Set of the Week - December 4, 2009

Dec 4, 2009
Swimming Set of the Week - December 4, 2009

 This set was hugely popular this week with the Masters team that I coach.  It worked as a taper set for those going to New England championships next weekend, and as a "quality-swim" set for everyone else.  

Coaches, if you have a chalkboard or whiteboard, put up everyone's name and record their series of times on this set.  It was amazing how well everyone responded to seeing their times in print -- and how this motivated them to get the descend on the last round.  The time that goes on the board is the swimmer's total time for the 100, minus however much rest was taken.  E.g., if it takes someone 80 seconds to complete the first 100 (from when they pushed off to when they finished), their time for the chalkboard is 60 seconds (80 minus 20 seconds of rest).  

We started the whole team at the same time on every 100.  This helped to make the set a team builder, because everyone was aware of everyone else's times.

5 X 100 as follows:
Swim a 25 and get your time; rest exactly 10 seconds.
Swim a 50 and try to make it double your 25 time; rest 10 seconds.
Swim a 25 and try to do your original 25 time.
Rest 60 to 90 seconds before you do the next 100 (everyone starts together).

8 X 25 pull as recovery.  Breathe every 4 strokes and make your exhale last as long as the 4 strokes.  Do 3 "bobs" (easy breathing) after each 25.

5 X 100, broken in the same way as before, except that this time you make them progressively faster and you take the following amount of rest within each 100:
1.  Rest 10 seconds between the swims
2.  Rest 10 seconds between the swims
3.  Rest 20 seconds between the swims
4.  Rest 20 seconds between the swims
5.  Rest 30 seconds between the swims

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