Swimming Set of the Week - December 9, 2011

Dec 13, 2011
Swimming Set of the Week - December 9, 2011

Here's a 300-yard mini set that works well as part of a taper practice.

Coming into taper, swimmers should have a keen sense of pace, and of how to control their stroke rate and effort per stroke.  This short set can help them develop those skills.   The sendoffs are for SCY.  Add 5 seconds for SCM.  Swim the same stroke throughout (choice on the 50 recovery).

4 X 25 on :45 sendoff; count your strokes on all lengths!
1st 25 is almost max distance per stroke (make it feel like fluent swimming, not drilling)
2nd 25 add one stroke
3rd 25 add another stroke
4th 25 add another stroke
Goal:  Take note of your time on each 25.

50 easy recovery

4 X 25 on :45 sendoff
1st 25 is at your highest stroke count from the previous set of 4 X 25
2nd 25 take off one stroke
3rd 25 take off another stroke
4th 25 take off another stroke
Goal:  Keep your time the same, even as you are deleting strokes.

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