Swimming Set of the Week - February 1, 2013

Feb 1, 2013
Swimming Set of the Week - February 1, 2013

There's nothing like being DONE with the One-Hour Swim.  Now...where did I put those fins?

WARMUP:  400 on your own

8 X 25 with fins on :30
Odds:  Freestyle, breathe every 5 or every 6
Evens:  Pulse Breaststroke, breathe every other pulse

MAIN SET:  2400
Three rounds of the following:
1 X 200 free with pull buoy
1 X 200 IM with fins
1 X 200 free with fins AND paddles
1 X 50 easy recovery
2 X 50 of some type of resistance work with a toy.    This could be 2 X 50 on a tether.  Or 2 X 50 with a parachute.  Or 2 X 50 kick on your back while holding a med ball out of the water.   Dig into your equipment bag and be creative.
1 X 50 easy recovery

Pick at least one track of 200s (pull track or IM track or fins/paddle track) and try to descend your times on that track.
FOCUS:  During all of today's freestyle swimming, focus on extending out front, riding the glide, and keeping the elbow high as you initiate the catch.  Recapture that long stroke you may have lost in January during training for the hour swim.   Stay relatively aerobic on the 200s, working on technique.  

Easy 400 IM with fins; 25 kick/25 drill/25 kick/25 swim by stroke


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