Swimming Set of the Week - January 27, 2012

Jan 27, 2012
Swimming Set of the Week - January 27, 2012

Changing gears this week.  Now that the One-Hour Swim is winding down for Masters swimmers, it's time to switch gears from distance training to more speed training for the upcoming championship season (usually in March and April).  This week's practice contains a long warmup and a long cool down, with a few hundred yards of speed in the middle.   If you've been swimming a lot of distance free, you'll probably feel a little wonky on the speed... as if your body parts are a bit out of control.  This is natural if you haven't done speed for awhile, so just try to work through it.  

WARMUP:  400

4 X 25 freestyle on :30; maximum of 3 breaths per 25; fins and/or pull buoy are optional

12 X 50 on a sendoff that gives approx. 15 seconds rest.  Each 50 is 25 kick or drill + 25 swim.  Three 50s in each stroke, IM order.

SPEED SET:  1000
Swim 5 rounds of the following.  No extra rest breaks until you complete 5 rounds!
2 X 25 choice on :30 sendoff
1 X 50 choice on 1:10
1 X 100 easy choice on 2:20

Round #1:  25s and 50 are at smooth pace (a little faster than aerobic)
Rounds #2 & 3:  25s and 50s are build to FAST
Rounds #4 & 5:  25s and 50s are FAST

3 rounds of the following.  There are no sendoffs!  Your rest interval is 5 bobs after the 100 and 3 bobs after the 25s.
1 X 100 pull
2 X 25 pull, with a maximum of 3 breaths per 25

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