Swimming Set of the Week - July 30, 2010

Jul 30, 2010
Swimming Set of the Week - July 30, 2010

This week's set allows you to work on three focus points for freestyle:  low breath, Early Vertical Forearm (EVF), and 6-beat kick.   For some great visual images of swimmers executing these focus points, pick up a copy of Go Swim All Strokes with Kaitlin Sandeno & Erik Vendt or Go Swim Freestyle with Kara Lynn Joyce or Go Swim Freestyle with Jason Lezak.  

LOW-BREATH SET:  500 yards/meters
4 X 25 freestyle, keeping 1 goggle in the water during the breath
2 X 200 (fins optional), alternate 25 dolphin kick on your back + 25 freestyle with one goggle in the water
Make each freestyle length faster than the previous length.  Hold your focus of keeping one goggle in the water, even as you get faster.

EVF SET:  500
4 X 25 pull: 1/2 length left arm only; 1/2 length right arm only
2 X 200 pull, focus on EVF; descend time 1-2

4 X 25 freestyle, no fins; focus on 6 kicks per cycle (3 kicks each armstroke)
Keep the kick steady and continuous.
8 X 50 freestyle, alternating 50 with focus on 6-beat kick...and 50 with focus on EVF or low breath (your choice)

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