Swimming Set of the Week - June 11, 2010

Jun 11, 2010
Swimming Set of the Week - June 11, 2010

 While some swimmers are racing in open water this week, others are getting ready for championship meets.  This set is for those racing with a black line down below.

This set works best with a Tempo Trainer set in Mode 2, and if you do a little arithmetic before you get to the pool.   It works best if you've got a solid training base and are ready for speed work, or if you're already in taper mode, with a big meet two or three weeks in the future.   If you've got a training base, this set is a predictor for what you might do on race day in the 100.  

You'll be doing 8 X 75, descending your time by 4 seconds on each 75 so that, by the final 75, you'll be at race pace for the 100.   You use the Tempo Trainer to control your descend.

Start by picking your target time for a race-pace 100.   Maybe you're targeting a world, national, or state record.  Maybe you're targeting a cutoff time for a big meet.  Maybe you're targeting a personal best.  Aim big, but be realistic.  

Let's say you're targeting 1:12 in the 100 breaststroke.  Convert that time into seconds (72 seconds) and divide by 4 (18 seconds).   So on the 8th 75, you will set your Tempo Trainer to beep every 18 seconds, and you'll try to beat the Tempo Trainer to each wall.  Now, work backwards to figure out the whole set:

8 X 75
#1:  TT set to beep every 25 seconds
#2:  TT set to beep every 24 seconds
#3:  TT beeps every 23 seconds
#4:  TT beeps every 22 seconds
#5:  TT beeps every 21 seconds
#6:  TT beeps every 20 seconds 
#7:  This one is from the blocks.  TT beeps every 19 seconds.
Easy 125 to recover.
#8:  This one is from the blocks.  TT beeps every 18 seconds.

Don't worry about the clock or sendoffs on this set.  Reset your TT on each 75, and go when you feel ready.   You'll need more rest as the set progresses.   

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