Swimming Set of the Week - June 15, 2012

Jun 17, 2012
Swimming Set of the Week - June 15, 2012

Training for LCM in a SCY pool this week.   

10 X 225
These are choice, and that means Free or stroke or IM or FRIM or kick or stroke/free.  Whatever you choose, do the same thring throughout the set so you can compare your times.

Start with a sendoff that gives 15-20 seconds rest (aerobic pace).  Every two 225s, add :10 to your sendoff.  You will be getting more rest as the set progresses, so your swim times should get faster as the set progresses.   Be ready to choose your initial sendoff immediately after you finish your first 225.  Fifteen-20 seconds rest will disappear quickly.  

Example of sendoffs:
2 X 225 on 3:40
2 X 225 on 3:50
2 X 225 on 4:00
2 X 225 on 4:10
2 X 225 on 4:20

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