Swimming Set of the Week - June 3, 2008

Jun 3, 2008
Swimming Set of the Week - June 3, 2008

This short sprint set will push your anaerobic threshold. This is a great set if your team has an underwater pace clock (such as the new Finis Underwater Pace Clock/Lap Counter) or if each swimmer has a Tempo Trainer. But...it also works great if Coach has a good whistle.

If you're using an underwater pace clock, synchronize it with the pace clock(s) on the wall and then place it on the bottom of the pool at about the 15-meter mark.

If you and your lanemates are using Tempo Trainers, synchronize them so that all of them beep every 10 seconds in Mode 2. (To synchronize, get all of the TTs into Mode 2, at the 11-second setting. Then, have everyone look at the pace clock on the wall. When the minute hand on the clock hits 60...or 10...or 20 or some 10-second interval, everyone simultaneously hits the left-hand button on the TT. Voila, you will all be at 10 seconds in Mode 2.)

Now for the set:
8 X 25 freestyle on :40 sendoff (16 X 25 on :40 if you are using an underwater pace clock)

In each lane, half the swimmers will start in the deep end and half in the shallow end. Start 10 seconds apart! Push off on a BEEPBEEPBEEP (or on a 10-second interval if using pace clocks) and swim FAST freestyle with NO BREATHING. Continue sprinting until you hear the the next BEEPBEEPBEEP (or until you see on the underwater pace clock that you've swum for 10 seconds). Shut down, get some air, and swim easy to the wall. Wait for one BEEPBEEPBEEP (10 seconds) and, on the next BEEPBEEPBEEP, you start again on your next 10-second sprint with no air. If you are using an underwater pace clock, swim an easy 25 instead of sprinting on the even-numbered 25s.

If Coach is using a whistle, he/she should blow the whistle every 10 seconds until the swimmers finish the set. (Good workout for Coach, too.)

If the set seems too easy, try a 30-second sendoff or try to see how close you can come to swimming the full 25 yards on the no-breathers.

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