Swimming Set of the Week - June 4, 2010

Jun 4, 2010
Swimming Set of the Week - June 4, 2010

 This is one of my go-to sets when I need a practice that provides some easy swimming as well as 50s that can be as challenging as you want to make them.  It's a set that accommodates a broad range of swimmers if you have a mixed team.  Each lane chooses it's own "X."

This is written for meters and is 1900 meters.  For yards, you could do sets of 9 X 50...7 X 50...5 X 50...3 X 50 for a total of 2200 yards.

The main event of the set is the 50s.   In each group of 50s, you swim fewer repeats, but you get less rest as the set progresses.  On the final group of 3 X 50, you should get only 3 to 5 seconds rest, so calculate your way back to "X" based on what you think you can hold for the final 3 X 50.  You can swim any strokes as long as you make your sendoff.

400 pull, breathing the same amount to left and right on every length.

6 X 50 on X sendoff

300 drill IM with fins

5 X 50 on X minus :05 sendoff

200 drill IM with fins

4 X 50 on X minus :10 sendoff

100 easy choice

3 X 50 on X minus :15 sendoff

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