Swimming Set of the Week - March 18, 2011

Mar 18, 2011
Swimming Set of the Week - March 18, 2011

It's Amanda Beard week at Go Swim!  

Here's a set that Amanda reportedly did in college, with Frank Bush as coach.  The set was taken from Games Gimmicks Challenges for Swimming Coaches, by Bob Steele...a book that's a great source of ideas and sets for swimmers of all ages.   If you do the set, remember that you will need to adjust the sendoffs to get adequate rest.  

This was LCM.

3 X 200 on a go-when-you're-ready sendoff  [Amanda's times:  2:31...2:30...2:29]

10 X 50 Free on :50 sendoff (approx. 20 seconds rest)

10 X 50 Breast with Fly kick on :55 sendoff (approx. 20-25 seconds rest)

10 X 50 Breast on 1:00 (approx. 25 seconds rest)

2 to 4 times through:  
50 Breast kick on 1:00 sendoff
100 drill on 2:00 sendoff (alternate 3 kicks and 1 pull)
150 swim on 3:00 sendoff (approx. 1 minute rest) [Amanda's times: descend 1:58 to 1:51]

Have fun, and if you want to study Amanda's amazing technique, pick up a copy of Go Swim Breaststroke with Amanda Beard.  

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