Swimming Set of the Week - March 2, 2012

Mar 2, 2012
Swimming Set of the Week - March 2, 2012

Speedwork this week, including some kicking speedwork.

WARMUP:  600
400 choice + 200 kick

MAIN SET:  2200
Five times through:
1 X 75 kick on 1:30 or 1:40; middle 25 is FAST
1 X 50 kick on 1:00 or 1:10; first half of each length is FAST
1 X 25 kick on :30 or :35; entire 25 is FAST
To kick this up a notch, put on some fins and use a FINIS Tempo Trainer on the last two rounds.  Set the Tempo Trainer at :20 (five beeps per second) and flutter-kick to the beep on each of the FAST lengths.  Yes, this is crazy-fast kicking.

50 easy recovery

Four times through:
1 X 25 FAST
1 X 50 easy recovery
1 X 75 FAST
1 X 100 easy recovery
There are no sendoffs on this part of the set.  After each 25 and 75, pause long enough to get your time, then push off and start your recovery swim.  If you're swimming with a group, have everyone re-group and start the fast swims together.  

Finish with:
16 X 25 
Odd 25s:  Freestyle, breathing just twice per length
Even 25s:  Breaststroke with a double underwater pullout
Use a 40-second sendoff on the first 8 X 25.  Drop it to 35 seconds on the second 8 X 25.

WARMDOWN:  200 easy gives you 3000

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