Swimming Set of the Week - March 28, 2008

Mar 28, 2008
Swimming Set of the Week - March 28, 2008

It's always hard to know how much or how little work to do during taper.  What's nice about this set is that it can be enough on its own during the final DAYS before a big meet...or it can be added as a little something extra during the final WEEKS before a big meet.    From my experience of using this set with USS swimmers, Masters swimmers, and in my own training, it really works.  

3 X 25 from the blocks with a turn and push

To do the set, you need a Tempo Trainer in Mode 2.   Take your target time for a 50 (let's say it's 26 seconds).  Divide that time in half (13 seconds) and set the Tempo Trainer to beep at that rate (every 13 seconds).    Your goal is to start when you hear the beep, and then beat the Tempo Trainer to the wall with your FEET -- i.e., our hypothetical swimmer has to swim a 25 and complete his turn in 13 seconds

The set is useful because it:
*  improves your reaction response to the starting signal
*  teaches you how to GET UP AND GO on a 50
*  encourages you to have a lightning-fast turn
*  lets you know what a certain pace FEELS like

The set is also a lot of fun if you get into the challenge of it.    Some of the swimmers on our USS team had a season-long challenge going on to see who could get into the "12-second club" for freestyle.   Others found that they couldn't stop after just 3 X 25.  If they were just off their target time, they added one or two 25s, adjusting their stroke or turn each time until they made it.

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