Swimming Set of the Week - March 7, 2014

Mar 7, 2014
Swimming Set of the Week - March 7, 2014

This week’s set is super versatile and will please the freestylers.

MAIN SET:  2100+
You will need to make some quick equipment changes throughout the set.  Try to make your second rounds a little faster than your first rounds.  When wearing fins, it’s OK to mix in some non-freestyle lengths, so long as you make your sendoff.  The set calls for lots of freestyle, and offers many chances to work on your freestyle technique.  Choose one or two focus points and really work them.  Some examples:  count your strokes; pinky-first hand exit; hip rotation; one goggle in the water during the breath; bilateral breathing; no breathing until after the first stroke.

Twice through.  After the first 200, establish a sendoff/turnaround that is your swim time + 20-30 seconds:
1 X 200 no equipment
1 X 200 pull
1 X 200 fins

Once through, on half of your 200 sendoff:
2 X 100 no equipment
2 X 100 pull
2 X 100 fins

Once through, on approximately half of your 100 sendoff:
2 X 50 fins
2 X 50 pull
2 X 50 no equipment

Options to make this a longer set:
1.  At the beginning, add 1 X 400 no equipment…1 X 400 pull…1 X 400 fins.  Yields 3300 yards/meters.
2.  Do two rounds of the 100s.  Yields 2700 yards/meters.
3.  Change the 50s to 4 X 50 fins…4 X 50 pull…4 X 50 no equipment.  Yields 2400 yards/meters.
4.  Throw in all of the options (1, 2, and 3).  Yields 4800 yards/meters.

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