Swimming Set of the Week - May 11, 2012

May 11, 2012
Swimming Set of the Week - May 11, 2012

Every swim coach needs an arsenal of mini sets...sets of 8 X 25...that can be inserted at any point during a practice to break things up, work on a single aspect of technique, demand breath control or focus or both.   A few weeks ago, we offered a mini set that works on breath control and the breaststroke underwater pullout.  This week's mini set works on foot speed for the breaststroke kick.

8 X 25 on whatever sendoff gives you at least 10 seconds rest
Each 25 starts with half a length of eggbeater kick on your stomach with arms in streamline, and finishes with half a length of flutter kick on your stomach, with arms in streamline.  If you have a FINIS snorkel, this is a good time to use it!     The link for eggbeater kick shows someone doing vertical eggbeater.  Use the video to learn the proper movement for eggbeater, but our mini set calls for you to do eggbeater kick on your stomach.  

That's it.  Have fun!

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