Swimming Set of the Week - May 22, 2009

May 22, 2009
Swimming Set of the Week - May 22, 2009

 Breaststroke set this week.  It sounds a little complicated, but after the first 2 X 200, you'll get the hang of it.   The Tempo Trainer is optional, but it's a great way to keep your effort and cadence consistent throughout the set and especially on the last 50 of the even 200s.   On the odd 200s, you're using a pull buoy for the entire 200 (yes, even when you swim whole-stroke breaststroke for a length).   Try to descend time on the final 2 X 200 swim.

10 X 200
Odds:  200 with pull buoy on approx. :30 RI.  Swim this 200 as:
50 freestyle with bilateral breathing + 25 breaststroke pull with head out of the water + 75 freestyle w/ bilateral breathing + 25 whole-stroke breaststroke + 25 freestyle w/ bilateral breathing

Evens:  200 with no equipment except Tempo Trainer set at cadence you can handle for a 100 [as a reference, I used 1.75 but I'm an old timer:)] on approx. :45 RI.   Swim this 200 as:
25 body-dolphin breast + 25 breast kick on your back (oyb) + 25 breast with an extra kick + 25 breast kick oyb + 25 breast + 25 breast kick oyb + 50 breast

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