Swimming Set of the Week - May 29, 2009

May 29, 2009
Swimming Set of the Week - May 29, 2009

 This week's Set of the Week is short and sweet... the Scrimmage Set.

This is a great set for team building and for pulling everyone together at the end of practice, and for finishing FAST.   By putting everyone in fins, and swimming for only 25 yards/meters, you level the playing field, and it's often eye-opening to see which swimmers will start edging to the front of the pack.

4 (or 6) X 25 freestyle with fins on a minimum sendoff of :45
Swimmers must swim two abreast in each lane, and everyone starts at the same time from in the water.   If you have a lot of swimmers, and need to create two or more heats, swimmers in all heats should swim two abreast and each heat should leave 10 seconds after the heat in front of them.   Try to place swimmers of similar speed right next to each other or close enough to see each other.  Each 25 is a race!   If you notice that a swimmer in an outside lane is keeping up with the leaders, take time to "rearrange" the swimmers so that the fastest swimmers are near each other.  

Our Masters team LOVES this set.   It makes them go faster than they thought they could go, and they're always laughing when we finish.  From on deck, it's a fun set to watch... pure racing.


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