Swimming Set of the Week - May 5, 2012

May 6, 2012
Swimming Set of the Week - May 5, 2012

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, this week's set is called Cinco Oh-My-Oh, a 500-yard variation of the classic Satan Set.

The set takes approximately 90 minutes.

WARMUP:  500
500 on your own; include kick, pull swim

5 X 100 with fins on 2:00
#1 & 2:  WHITE ZONE... Aerobic pace (take your pulse to make sure you're aerobic)
#3:  PINK ZONE... A litte faster than aerobic (take your pulse)
#4 & 5:  75 PINK ZONE + 25 RED ZONE 

On all of the fast swims, arrange your group into heats so that each swimmer gets his/her own lane for going ALL OUT and can swim down the middle of the lane.  It might be useful to designate one or two lanes as recovery lanes so that you can keep things rolling.

All swimmers must swim a total of 500 ALL-OUT yards/meters during the set.  All swimmers must do the first two ALL-OUT 100s, but then they may decide how to continue, depending on whether they're focusing on 100-yard races or 50-yard races (see below). 

Twice through:
1 X 100 ALL OUT from the blocks, and within 6 seconds of your best time.
1 X 200 easy recovery (pull, kick, your choice)

After all swimmers have finished the above, they can choose one of these options:
1.  3 X 100 ALL OUT, with 200 recovery between efforts
2.  1 X 100 ALL OUT plus 4 X 50 ALL OUT, with appropriate recoveries (50s should be within 3 seconds of best time)
3.  6 X 50 ALL OUT, with appropriate recoveries (Appropriate recovery for each 50 would be 100-150 easy.)

10 X 50 choice on generous sendoff; ascend time every two 50s.

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