Swimming Set of the Week - November 22, 2013

Nov 22, 2013
Swimming Set of the Week - November 22, 2013

This week’s set offers four ways to boost your heart rate:  a)  swim a bunch of butterfly, b) swim some 200 IMs, c) throw in an eggbeater kick set, add a few more 200 IMs.

This was written for SCY.  Fins are recommended unless you have a capacity for technically proficient butterfly.  For GoSwimTV.com subscribers, here are a couple of good videos to watch before practice:
Karlyn Pipes Applying the 6 Principles for Butterfly
Jessica Hardy Prone Eggbeater Kick
Kim Vandenberg Butterfly from Above

WARMUP:  800 on your own

16 X 25 on :30
Odd 25s:  Start with 3 strokes Fly, then finish the length with Freestyle; add 1 stroke of Fly each length; focus on not letting the hands
pause or get stuck out front
Even 25s:  Dolphin kick on your back

100 easy recovery

3 X 200 IM on a sendoff that gives 30-40 seconds rest; descend time 1-3
It’s OK to drill the butterfly (1 Left/1 Right/2 whole-stroke fly is a good drill)

50 easy

8 X 25 on a sendoff that gives 5-10 seconds rest
Each 25 is half a length of prone eggbeater kick and half a length of prone flutter kick

50 easy

3 X 200 IM as before; try to make your 6th 200 faster than your 3rd 200


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