Swimming Set of the Week - November 4, 2008

Nov 4, 2008
Swimming Set of the Week - November 4, 2008

 Here's an election-day station workout that calls for 2 tethers, fins, and either pullbuoys or a couple of med balls.  There are 4 stations, and the swimmers rotate through the stations, spending approximately 9-10 minutes at each one.   At each station, the swimmers get to choose whether they'll be Blue State (an aerobic set) or Red State (a more strenuous set).  Have fun, and don't forget to vote!

Station #1:  Tether
Red State:  Don't use fins.
Blue State:  Use fins.
Set up two tethers in one lane, so that two swimmers can go at the same time (splitting the lane).  Each swimmer does 2 X 25 against the tether, then they hand off to two more swimmers.   Repeat.  See how many swims you can fit into your 10-minute period.  When you're not on the tether, do vertical kicking or easy swimming in an open lane next to the tether lane, but be ready to put on the equipment when it's your turn.

Station #2:  Swim
Red State:  
8 X 50 on 1:10, every other 50 is ALL-OUT FAST

Blue State:
Do whichever of these feels like a moderate, aerobic set:
8 X 50 on 1:05 or...
9 X 50 on 1:00 or...
10 X 50 on :55 or...
11 X 50 on :45 or :50

Station #3:  Fins
Red State:
Three times through the following on :30 sendoff:
1 X 25 dolphin kick on your back with hands & arms in the air
1 X 25 easy flutter kick on your back
1 X 25 INTENSE head-lead dolphin kick on your back... look at your feet and make as big a splash as you can
1 X 25 easy flutter kick on your back
1 X 25 butterfly
1 X 25 easy flutter kick on your back

Blue State:
600 with fins, alternating 25 dolphin kick on your back + 25 freestyle.  Start every length with at least 4 underwater dolphin kicks.  To add a little RED, try to make each freestyle length faster than the preceding freestyle length.

Station #4: Med ball & Pull buoy
Red State (Med ball or pull buoy):
?? X (25 kick of your choice, while holding med ball or pull buoy above the water with both hands + 25 swimming with the med ball held between your legs)  If you're using a pull buoy, hold it between your ANKLES during the 25s swim.  
If you have more than 2 people in your lane, only 2 people will swim at a time, splitting the lane.  They both will have a med ball (or pull buoy), and they hand off to the next 2 swimmers at the end of their 50.  If you have only 2 people in the lane, swim at the same time, but only one swimmer will have a med ball (or pull buoy) and you trade off after each 50 (one person swims while the other person does the med ball or pull buoy).  Keep going for 9 minutes or until it's time to switch stations.

Blue State:
Choose one of the following.  Pick the one you think you can handle and still keep it aerobic.  Breathing pattern should be every 3 (or every 4 if you normally breathe every 3)
9 minutes non-stop pull
3 X 200 pull on 3:00
3 X 150 pull on 3:00
5 X 100 pull on 1:50
6 X 75 pull on 1:30
8 X 50 pull on 1:10

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