Swimming Set of the Week - October 12, 2012

Oct 12, 2012
Swimming Set of the Week - October 12, 2012

Following this week's kick theme, the set of the week features two kick sets.

KICK SET #1  300/450/600
Kick two, three, or four rounds of the following, with no extra rest between rounds.    No fins!  If you have a great dolphin or flutter kick and these sendoffs seems too generous, you can always do an Up and Out after those 25s.
2 X 25 on :50; dolphin kick on your back
2 X 25 on :40; flutter kick on your back
2 X 25 on :30; breaststroke kick or breaststroke...whatever you need to do to make the sendoff

KICK SET #2:  600
6 X 100 kick (fins optional...kickboard optional)
First 5 X 100 are on the tightest sendoff you can manage and still make all 5.  You should get only 7 to 10 seconds rest.
After the first 5 X 100, take an extra minute of rest, then go the final 100 faster than any of the previous 100s.

To avoid cramping on this intense set, consider alternating flutter/dolphin by 25...or swim the 100s as 50 flutter kick / 25 breast kick / 25 flutter kick or dolphin.  Whatever pattern you choose, use it for the entire set of 6 X 100.


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