Swimming Set of the Week - October 15, 2010

Oct 16, 2010
Swimming Set of the Week - October 15, 2010

 Long set, best done in a 25-yard or 25-meter pool.  Everybody on the team goes on the same sendoff.

Did this aerobic-endurance set with the Masters today.  It's a good team builder because everybody goes on the same sendoff, regardless of age or ability.

The only rule of the set is that you have to make the sendoffs.  Other than that, you can swim as far as you want (or as you can) on each swim.  You can use any equipment you want, swim any stroke that you want, or mix up some kicking and swimming.  

If you have a digital pace clock, start the set "on the top," i.e., when the digital seconds are 00.  If you have a sweep-hand pace clock, start the set on the 60.  If you do that, and if you take exactly 20 seconds extra rest after each four swims, it will be easy to figure out your sendoffs.

The entire set takes 82 minutes.   Total yardage will be in the 4000 to 6000+ range.

Take 20 seconds extra rest after each 4 swims.
4 swims on 2:00
4 swims on 1:55
4 swims on 1:50
4 swims on 1:45
4 swims on 1:40
4 swims on 1:35
4 swims on 1:30
4 swims on 1:25
4 swims on 1:20
4 swims on 1:15
4 swims on 1:10
4 swims on 1:05
4 swims on 1:00

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