Swimming Set of the Week - October 2, 2009

Oct 2, 2009
Swimming Set of the Week - October 2, 2009

 What should you do 2 or 3 days out from a meet?  Here's what our Masers team did a couple days prior to a Masters mini meet on October 3rd.   This was SCM, but it works for SCY.   The set sounds complicated, but it's worth the effort.  Using the Tempo Trainer shows you exactly what it feels like to swim at your target pace.  Have fun.

WARMUP:  700
400 "perfect" swimming with precise, legal turns.   No equipment.

Then, 3 times through the following on :40 sendoff (choice of stroke and drills):
1 X 25 kick
1 X 25 drill
1 X 25 swim at maximum distance per stroke
1 X 25 swim, build speed throughout the length

MAIN SET:  850
3 X 50 from a push; choice of stroke with Tempo Trainer in Mode 2 and set to beep every XX seconds (at your pace for 25 meters in a race-pace 100).  Start each 50 from a push on the BEEPBEEPBEEP... beat the Tempo Trainer to the turn... and beat the TT back to your starting point.  Rest through the next BEEPBEEPBEEP and go again on the next BEEPBEEPBEEP.   E.g., if you're trying to go 1:08 for the 100 freestyle in the meet, your pace per 25 meters is 16 seconds, so you set the TT to beep every 16 seconds.  Your rest period after each 50 will be 32 seconds.

200 easy recovery

2 X 50 choice, from the blocks, with 100 recovery between each 50.  Set the Tempo Trainer to beep at your pace for 25 meters in a race-pace 50.  (This will be 1 to 2 seconds faster than your pace in the previous set.)  Try to beat the TT to the 25 and to the 50.

2 X 25 choice, from the blocks and with a turn.  Do a 75 recovery swim between 25s.    If you beat the TT in the last segment, try setting it one second faster.  If you did not beat the TT in the last segment, keep it at the same setting.  On the 25s, you're trying beat the Tempo Trainer with your feet (you should hear the BEEP as your feet hit the wall on the turn).

WARMDOWN:  200 easy

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