Swimming Set of the Week - September 11, 2010

Sep 10, 2010
Swimming Set of the Week - September 11, 2010

 This set offers many chances to work on important aspects of the open turn:  a legal touch (of course!); eyes down and arms extended at the touch; elbow back; fall back with the body; point the toes during the tuck.   Watching the turn section of Eric Shanteau's video for 10 minutes prior to getting in the pool will give you tons of technique tips and visual images to take into your practice.    Best yet:  Eric's All Strokes video is available as a DVD and ONLINE!

Set is 1800 yards/meters

4 X 50 on 10-15 seconds rest interval  
Odds:  25 breaststroke + 25 backstroke
Evens:  25 breaststroke + 25 freestyle

400 IM or 400 pull 
If swimming IM, focus on your open turns.  If pulling, skip the flip turns and use open turns, focusing on pointing your toes during the tuck.

4 X 50 as before

300 IM or 300 pull as before

4 X 50 as before

200 IM or pull as before  Don't lose your focus in here!

4 X 50 as before

100 IM or 100 choice for time

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