Swimming Set of the Week - September 14, 2012

Sep 14, 2012
Swimming Set of the Week - September 14, 2012

For our set of the week...continuing the theme of stroke counting.

MAIN SET:  2000
On each swim, start counting your strokes AFTER the first 50, i.e., after a bit of fatigue sets in.  Try to hold that same count on each succeeding swim, even as the swims get longer.  So...whatever count you have on the fnial length of the initial 75s, THAT'S the count you should try to hold after the first 50 of each subsequent swim.  

This set is choice (pull is OK).  If you choose to alternate two strokes (e.g., free/breast by 25), you need to establish that pattern and your stroke counts on the first two 75s by finishing one 75 with freestyle and the other 75 with breaststroke.

Extra Credit  Descend 1-2 on each pair of swims.

2 X 75
2 X 100
2 X 175
2 X 275
2 X 450

For the math geeks out there, this is a Fibonacci sequence.  

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