Swimming Set of the Week - September 23, 2011

Sep 23, 2011
Swimming Set of the Week - September 23, 2011

Prepare for SCM season in a SCY pool with this week's set, which calls for 125s and up-and-out 75s.  

This set took approximately 90 minutes.   To fit it into 60 minutes, delete the 6 X 75 in the warmup set and the 4 X 100 at the end.  

No effort levels are prescribed.    Swimmers will generally give more effort on each succeeding round.  For an added challenge, try to descend time within each round.

WARMUP:  400

4 X 125 pull on easy sendoff; descend 1-4
1 X 50 easy kick
6 X 75 choice with fins on 1:30; descend by 2

MAIN SET:  1500
Swim the same stroke or stroke pattern (e.g., 50 free + 25 fly) for a full round.

Swim 3 rounds of the following:
4 X 75 up-and-outs (start each 75 from a dive or from the blocks)
1 X 200 easy recovery

Round #1:  All 75s are on 1:40 sendoff
Round #2:  All 75s are on 1:50 sendoff
Round #3:  2:00 sendoff  (If swimmers are really working, give an extra 15 seconds before third 75 and an extra 30 seconds before the final 75.)

PULL SET:  400
4 X 100 pull on easy sendoff; descend 3 and 4

WARMDOWN:  200 easy gives you 3500

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