Swimming Set of the Week - September 4, 2009

Sep 4, 2009
Swimming Set of the Week - September 4, 2009

 This may not look like a kick set, but it's a kick set.

100 easy kick to get your legs warmed up:  Alternate 6 dolphin kicks on your back... 6 flutter kicks on your back... 3 breaststroke kicks on your back.

4 X 100 pull, breathing every 5.. 4.. 3.. 2 by 25 (if you normally breathe every 3, your pattern should be 6.. 5.. 4.. 3 by 25).  Descend time 1 to 4.  

4 X 50 kick on a board (NO FINS!)
Each length is 12.5 meters flutter kick + 12.5 meters breaststroke kick

4 X 100 freestyle with fins.  Count strokes on the first length, then take one fewer stroke on each succeeding length.  E.g., f you take 20 strokes on the first length, you swim that 100 in 20.. 19.. 18.. 17 strokes per length.  Try to keep the same stroke-count pattern on each 100.  Use your kick (lighter or stronger) to achieve your stroke counts.

4  50 kick on a board (NO FINS)
Each length is 12.5 meters breaststroke kick + 12.5 meters flutter kick.

4 or 6 X 100 freestyle.  These are steady-state, moderate swimming for the first 75, then build to 85% effort on the final 25 of each 100, but use a steady 6-beat kick for the entire 100.  Focus on your kick and try to synchronize the 6 kicks to your body rotation.  As you build to 85% effort, keep matching the kicks to your body (you might have to use a bigger stronger kick to do this).

4  50 kick (fins optional, but don't use a kickboard).  
Each 50 is 12.5 meters dolphin kick on your back + 12.5 meters flutter kick on your back + 25 backstroke using a 6-beat kick.  Descend time 1 to 4. 

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