Swimming Set of theWeek - May 18, 2012

May 22, 2012
Swimming Set of theWeek - May 18, 2012

Another mini set this week.  This works well during taper when you're trying to practice race-pace turns but don't want to do too much actual swimming.   The double underwater pullouts will help you work on breath control and the many timing aspects of your pullout.   On the double pullouts, try not to focus on AIR.  Here are some alternatives to keep your mind busy:
*  Where does it feel comfortable and productive to start the dolphin kick?
*  Is my body traveling straight?
*  Am I recovering hands first, then feet?
*  How can I recover my hands and feet to create less drag?
*  Do I have any "dead spots" (watch the tiles for this one)?
*  Am I coming to the surface at a shallow angle, or coming up too steep? 

8 X 25 on approximately 45 seconds sendoff 
Odd 25s:  Double underwater pullout into one stroke of breaststroke, then finish the length with easy freestyle
Even 25s:  Move 5-7 yards away from the wall (past the flags) and face the wall (the wall you were on when you finished your first 25).  Swim really really FAST into that wall, execute a race-pace turn and breakout, then finish the length with easy freestyle.  You should now be back at your original starting wall, ready for your third 25.     The race-pace turns can be any stroke.  

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