Swimming Workout of the Week - August 1, 2014

Aug 1, 2014
Swimming Workout of the Week - August 1, 2014

When coaches are away at big meets and non-meet swimmers are practicing on their own, here’s a set that will keep everyone on the same sendoff.

MAIN SET:  1800
Swim the set as a group!  Swim two rounds of the pyramid, on a 30-second base per 25.  Wear fins or substitute kick, if necessary, to make the sendoffs.

25 Butterfly
50 Fly/Back
75 Fly/Back/Breast
100 IM or FRIM (IM substitute Free for Fly) or Free
75 Back/Breast/Free
50 Breast/Free
25 Free

After two rounds of the pyramid, swim 50 easy recovery, then…

3 X 50 on 1:00, 1:05, or 1:10 (stay together!)
Odd 50s:  FAST kick, choice
Even 50s:  Freestyle with Tennessee turn

4 X 75 pull or swim on 1:30; descend #3 and #4
1st 25:  breathe only to the right
2nd 25:  breathe only to the left
3rd 25:  breathe equally to left and right


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