Swimming Workout of the Week - August 8, 2014

Aug 8, 2014
Swimming Workout of the Week - August 8, 2014

Continuing our recent theme of “same-sendoff” practices, here’s another option for when a group is uncoached.

MAIN SET:  1800+
Swim the set as a group!
Fast swimmers could do 250 instead of 200.  Slower swimmers could do 150 instead of 200.
Goal:  Descend time on the 200s.
After each set of 25s, take 20-40 seconds extra rest before the next 200.

Swim 4 rounds of the following:

1 X 200 IM, FRIM or choice on 4:00  (whatever you choose, swim the same thing on all four 200s)

8 X 25 freestyle on :35 (fins optional)
#1 through #7:  Take a maximum of 3 breaths (try for just 1 or 2).
#8:  Up-tempo pace; breathe as much as you want.

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